Characteristics of the Miniature Jersey include:  small size; usually in      the 38" to 42" height range.  Both cows and bulls are docile and easy to manage.  Milk is high in butterfat and milk yield is 2 to 4 gallons a day, depending on hay quality and supplements fed.  Cows generally weigh in the 600 to 650 pound range, bulls around 800 pounds.  Cows calve easily, with newborn calves weighing 18 to 30 pounds, and 18 to 30 inches tall.  They come in the colors of the original jerseys, predominately fawn with some darker and with white splashes.  It is not necessary to keep a bull for semen, as artificial insemination is available.  General care is simple, and the same as other cattle, proper feed, water, and shelter, with the same shots and worming.  However, their diminutive size does make their care so much easier.