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River View Farms or Fonnie Thoman has no affiliation, influence or control over the Miniature Jersey Registry.  Please send all inquiries to:
Maureen Neidhardt,
PO Box 66
Crawford, NE 69339






The registry is a protective registry devoted to restoring and perpetuating the original pure stock.  It registers both foundation pure (both parents must trace back to acceptable lines) and percentage cattle (which must have one parent foundation pure).  Percentage cattle are clearly marked on the registrations.  By the continued breeding back of the percentage progeny to foundation pure stock the fourth generation will result in pure Miniature Jerseys.  This program brings new needed bloodlines into the gene pool.  The foundation stud book is maintained by the registry.  It is a closed registry and the cattle are accepted on a individual basis at the discretion of the registry.

You may visit the registry's website at: www.miniaturejerseyassociation.com or request information by email .